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Thank you all for posting about Sara Freder.I almost sent her money, had the form filled out and everything, but before I did I googled her name and saw all of your responses.

I agree that someone like this should be stopped and arrested. It's a sin that she gets away with it. All of you that got scammed, at least be at peace that you are not *** like he or she is.

Thank you again for posting and sharing experiences like this so it can minimize any more people getting scammed by her.May God bless all of you.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I used to get emails for a long time from Sara Freder and one day it stopped.I never used to reply nor respond in the form being attached with these mails.

It is so personal and you will be tempted to respond, but I restrain myself . .But recently I came to know that you can unsubscribe to her mails if you want so and thus no cheating is intended.

It appears she wants to help people who have faith in her.But not sure.


for me sarah freder is not just a normal human being, i think she has gifts. maybe iam right or wrong but iam not afraid if she curses me..because god loves me i dont fear death, but not being judgmental if sarah is not a fraud or a scammer she is a guiding star but remember we have our free will..and specially GODS WILL..godbless us all the people living in this same planet


until you believe in yourself,nothing is going to change..sara freder is great..she is doing her work..she is giving motivation to peoples..she changed my vision over my life..

to Aboo #932721

Is sara freder really helping people? I just want an honest opinion


The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be...


all of you listen up !!!if you believe in god,it says in the bible you are not to contact thesec sort of people.READ YOUR BIBLE !!!


I thank god that gave me sense and i first Googled sara feder .other wise i was almost filling in her form.only to realize from u people that she is a total scammer


For everyone

Who wants to belive that something good should or will happen in his/her life will write to any person who claim for him/herself that can tell what will happen in Your near future.

Who is not beliving in that should not write or complain.

If You really want something good to happen in Your life, just belive and it will happen. If not on some exact date, maybe it will happen a little bit later, but it will happen.

Just belive.


Guys, I need serious help.I had paid with my credit card to Sara Freeder.

If i do not want her services, is there a refund?

I hope she doesn't curse me or anything.Pls help.


Sara has sent me several emails, when I received the last one, I paid her by pay pal for her services, it has been three months and I have not received another email. I guess the saying "Buyer Beware" is appropriate. How sad is this.

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