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I actually had a positive experience several years ago she saod that i would find money in an unexpected place and would have several months of luck afterwards and it really did happen i recall as if it were yesterday i found 590 two months later got a better job and within 6 months got a promotion as well as a 25000 salary increase

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I'm a girl who find a some web site a link in Sara Freder. so it's free. then i go and registered and 2 days later i got a email from Sara freder. she says something but their in no any matches with me. but i trust her. because she says i can have good fortune, more luck, more money. i trust her. then i try to paid her full predictions. but then i feel i want to search Sara freder. OMG! what i find you think? mrs sara freder died in 2007. their... Read more

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I have known Sara Freder for more than 8years. She has guided me with her exceptional knowledge of horoscope and life events. I have not bought any products ever due to my bad finances, even though she has helped generously without giving a thought that I am not of any worth for her. I am very sad to see people writing non sense lies about her. All you need is to have pure heart in order to receive her blessings and support. This is total hoax... Read more

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Believe it or not.. Behind every rumor there lies the true story!! When one is very good, he/she is been criticized and mainly through most of his/her colleagues and relatives. Such which happen even in our closest and that of our Christ Jesus. Although not anywhere to be compared with this. However what I have here is, Never criticize anyone.. The word of God made me to understand that everyone is important on any planet wheresoever you find... Read more

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Total Scam. Fake people. Took my bank information and attempted to overdraw my account 300 dollars. Dont do it!!!!! Will be taken police and legal action to try to help this not to happen to anyone else.

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I've just this second found out she has taken money out my bank this afternoon without my permission!!! that's like taking food out my 3yr olds mouth she lucky I don't no where she lives I've never paid for any of her stuff or anybody like her and the *** did she manage to get my bank details!!! Be very careful everyone people like her are poison

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Sara l sendt you five e mails are you ok ?lm concerned about you as l got no replys your loyal South African friend Curt

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I have experiences and still have!!!! she is here!!!! she sayng she died but she is not. all my life since 2010 is one disaster. Promising and letting me my money spend. Letting me do and tell strange things that people think of me i am ***. Shiwing me Bible and that i talk to God or Jesus. Letting me feel I am sick and feeling guilty to touch anyone. Letting people love me and wanting sex. She is dangerouse. If you wanna know where is she let... Read more

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Im so glad I read all of the comments here! As with all of you this person is sending emails of luck,fortune,love,and happiness! Ive sent no money or given personal info but this person knows personal info about me. Although im not positive on how she got this info i believe it was through my facebook! Its the only way she could have known my brother died in december 2016! Since then she speaks of the tragedy in my life and how everything is... Read more

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I was wondering if i should transfer jobs. She predicted i would be traveling abroad for work and i would learn new skills. The day after i accepted the transger, i recieved an e-mail saying thank you for accepting the offer and it would be difficult soon, but things would work out.. Kind of freaky, but the skills i picked up landed me a promotion at my job. I lost no money, the advice was in the free e-mail. Five star!!. People die... Read more

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