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Sirf jhut all horoscopes are fake abt me she always sending me jhut ta mail Add comment

Pls stop your deceit and stop sending bills and predictions to me, I have called my bank to stop transactions with u, ur predictions are total lie, I av not seen any changes what so ever, I now believe in God Almighty pls cancel all transactions with me, hence forth Add comment

Not that I was going to use her, but I thought about doing it just for fun. Now I'm not even going to do that. I believe in God very much and He is way more reliable than whomever is ripping people off. She said I've had no luck in my life, well, she's wrong. I've had a very happy and fun life. Of course I could use more money, who couldn't, and everyone has had some bad times and tragedies in their lives and she plays on that. Don't waste your... Read more

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SARA FREDER IS DEAD.... She passed away on November 13, 2007 !!!! Look up Sara Freder Tragedy. Anyone who is still getting emails from her & sending money has been scammed !!! Hope this helps others before making a mistake. Add comment

Hi I am a highly educated individual actually a school principal ...Sarah freder predicted few things for me far two of those predictions were absolutely true...I wait with baited breath to see if the rest is true .....There will be a pleasant surprise for Sarah Freder in positive way ......when this is done ....Thanks Jodinathen "I will give a full review in a months time " Read more

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I found a link to her website and thought 'What the heck, why not, it's free'. What she sent me is pretty much the same thing ya'll say she sent you. With a couple of coincidental guesses and she could have a perfectly vulnerable victim. I didn't give her any money cuz I wanted to see if her predictions would happen. She keeps sending me emails on how she can bring back love to my life and she knows how discouraged I am, and how something was... Read more

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You should have told me how to collect the first amount of money on the second of December. Then I would have believed you. .. now I think you are a fake... by tonight I should have been able to pay off al my debts.... Add comment

I was about to pay money to her by giving my credit card info . Thank God. I googled . Found soo many reviews . Saved Myself . Read more

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Thinking of using Sara Freders services because you suffered some emotional torment in your life and wanted someone to help you? Please don't get conned and pay $29 to $240 for her services. The information she sends is over 6 years old and she is still sending the same old stuff to who ever buys into her services. Please don't let her profit from you. If you still feel compelled to see what you get after sending money then here is some real... Read more

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she keeps on telling me that I will win money, but sofar nothing. so I stop paying for her help. there is quite a few like her that offer help and guidance but nothing happen. I honestly use to believe in mediums and astro tarot readers, but I have paid for services before and I have received only some half of what they promise, I do advise people not to fall into this type of scams. usually someone who is a real psyque or medium will not try... Read more

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